What is the Brazilian Blowout treatment?

*The Brazilian Blowout treatment system is an anti-frizz smoothing system.

*Does not permanently straighten the hair like hair straightening systems but completely eliminates frizz.

*reduces styling time while fighting the frizzing effects of the environment.

*Locks in color, helping eliminate color fading.

*protects against heat styling.

*improves the health and strength of the hair

*Lasts up to 12 weeks when the proper shampoo and conditioners  are used with this system. (ask your stylist which shampoo and conditioner to use)

the  Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and Proprietary polymer system improves the overall condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft which eliminates frizz by smoothing and locking down the cuticle.

(The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair shaft that is made up of scales like a fish, alligator, or pine-cone.   When the hair is damaged, or very dry, these scales open up causing massive uncontrollable frizz and ends that split, or hair that can break off.)

If you choose, the stylist can keep your curls or can smooth the hair straight with the Brazilian Blowout smoothing system.


The Split End Mender is a 10 minute treatment that mends split ends. 

*The Split End Mender uses the Thermo-Marine Bonding System which is a heat activated, protein enriched technology that instantly gathers and binds together broken and split ends while the nutrient complex smooths the cuticle resulting in stronger healthier ends that are defended against damage caused by heat styling, hot tools, and environmental stress.

*this type of treatment is great for color treated hair because it fills in the weak areas with nutrient rich proteins while sealing broken or split fibers. (this must be done immediately after a color service for best results)

*Split End Mender lasts up to 4 weeks with the use of proper shampoo and conditioner. (ask your stylist which shampoo and conditioner to use)

What is the Brazilian Blowout Split End Mender?

Sorry, The Brazilian Blowout and\or the Brazilian Split End Mender CAN ONLY BE PERFORMED by a CERTIFIED SALON STYLIST, therefore cannot  be done at home.

In-home smoothing systems only smooth the hair from shampoo to shampoo and do not match the sensation you get from your Brazilian Blowout or Split End Mender treatments.




Pathways Of Beauty is a one chair and one stylist salon so please note that if you are looking to book for more than one person at a time those services will be done BACK TO BACK (one person at a time)

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