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The trick to keeping your hair shiny and healthy is to let your hair relax every once in a while.

This means:


  • Don't shampoo every day (but if you shower every day then condition only on one day and shampoo/condition on the next day.  This every other day plan works well for normal to dry hair.  If your hair is really dry then only shampoo your hair every 3-4th day and use condition the other days.  Rrinse your hair with as cool of water as you can stand. This closes the hair cuticles to help eliminate moisture loss.


  • If possible, don't blowdry your hair after you shower,  or use a heat protecter before blowdrying to add protection.


  • Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis to eliminate split ends


  • In summer use a leave-in conditioner that has UV protection. This will stop sunburned hair (which is noticed as very dry ends).


  • In between perm or color treatments, come into the salon for a deep reconstructing conditioning treatment

  • To protect color, use specific shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair.  In addition to being geared to colored hair, they will contain UV protection for your hair and its color.


  • BE sure that your stylist knows the type of water you have at home, because the hardness/softness/mineral content of the water can affect the results of your color.


  • Do not use store bought hair color, as the results may not be what were expected, and some can damage your scalp and hair.


  • If you swim in a clorinated pool, be sure to use a cap to protect your hair from the water.




  • If you style your hair daily using HOT TOOLS such as flat irons or curling irons make doubly sure to use a heat protectant or Hot Iron spray to protect your hair from the heat damage!  Nothing is worse than feeling bumps all thru your hair shaft from burning it.


  • For fuller looking hair, when damp, before blow drying, use a volume mousse.   Rub mousse in your hand until it is liquid, not foam.  Finger comb the product into your hair. Procede to blowdry your hair, blowing away from the direction it naturally grows from your head. Once you have gotten the volume DO NOT BRUSH your hair but rather use a PICK or WIDE TOOTH COMB.

    for more tips and tricks - come into see me and  I'll be happy to teach you more! Free.


Pathways Of Beauty is a one chair and one stylist salon so please note that if you are looking to book for more than one person at a time those services will be done BACK TO BACK (one person at a time)

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