Lori Hartz
Proud to be a shampooing, cutting, coloring, streaking, perming, blow drying, miracle working, all day standing HAIRSTYLIST & OWNER
Pathways Of Beauty

a Beauty Salon where you get great haircuts in Sequim, WA

My Story

I have always had a passion for helping and taking care of others.  as a young girl I was always trying to be a caregiver, from caring for animals to caring for people.  Growing up, I  would try to doctor sick animals or fix my family member's hair, or take care of others, whether they needed it or not.  While going to highschool (in Chimacum, WA) I attended a seminar for careers and being a Beautician was one that particularily interested me.  


 In 1997, I went to Massage school in Phoenix, AZ,  where I got my degree in Massage.  I then ran my own massage business in Phoenix for 2 years. 


 In 2000 I moved back to Washington state and was unble to transfer my massage license to Washington.  Needing to return to school, either to obtain a WA Massage License or some other endeavor, I decided to attend beauty school, to become a stylist, as I thought I would prefer that field over massage.


After graduation and obtaining my license,  I worked for many years with the Regis Corporation, in Silverdale and in Sequim.  Those years gave me the experience and preparation necessary to open my own beauty salon in Sequim, WA.


  I am SO glad that I did!  I love having Pathways of Beauty - It is a dream come true!  This is not a job for me!  I feel that every day I am at recess in the first grade!  I get to PLAY - Not WORK!



My Vision

About My Salon

Pathways Of Beauty is located in Sequim WA.  At my salon, I offer a very relaxing atmosphere where I'm hoping you'll feel comfortable to just sit and gossip. Even though Pathways Of Beauty is nestled inside Sinclair Place (formally Prairie Springs) assisted living, you will feel right at home.  Don't hesitate to come and see the beauty for yourself! 


Commitment To Service

Pathways Of Beauty is dedicated to service and value. I sincerely enjoy what I do and it is reflective on the smiles and repeat business of my clients. I promise individual attention and great value for all of my customers.


At Pathways Of Beauty, you will be treated like royalty! Dedication is given to all aspects of your beauty services from the scalp massage while being shampooed before your haircut to the delicate design painted on your nails after finishing your manicure or pedicure.


My Promise

  • To give you what you are looking for, by doing a thourough consultation and personally listening to you!

  • Tell you no if a service that you're wanting cannot be performed in any way - due to a reaction after a patch test or will further damage your hair.


  • After saying no, unless you reacted badly to a chemical patch test, work with you one-on-one, to make it possible for you to achieve the desired look that you are wanting. (This may take several appointments)

  • ​Treat you with respect, honesty, and many years of friendship by getting to know you, your hair and your needs.


Gift Certificates

Ideal for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries as well as employees and business clients, gift certificate can be purchased at Pathways Of Beauty

                                           OR PURCHASED ON-LINE

My vision is to help people look their best!  By extension that will make people feel their best.  It is hard to feel bad on a 'Good Hair Day!

I feel that if I put a smile on the client who is leaving my beauty salon in sequim, WA, then I have accomplished what I set out to do!



Pathways Of Beauty is a one chair and one stylist salon so please note that if you are looking to book for more than one person at a time those services will be done BACK TO BACK (one person at a time)

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